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Issue 2

Schwarzweiss (germ. for blackwhite or black & white) is an artzine from Germany, edited and published by Katrin Menne and Max Schulze.

schwarzweiss-eins (84 pages) has been published in 2006. Contributing artists included Andreas Fischer, Julio Herrera Flores, Rory Hayes, Simon Hemmer, Robert Kraiss, Ulf Neumann, Max Schulze, Phillip Schulze and Constantin Wallhäuser.

schwarzweiss-zwei (100 pages) has been published in 2007. Contributing artists: Wolfgang Betke, Tobias Brembeck, Jana Gunstheimer, Jan Kämmerling, Felix Schramm and Stefanie von Schroeter.

schwarzweiss-drei (84 pages) has been published in 2009. Contributing artists: Anika Budde, Fabian Reimann, Jacek Szubert, Juergen Staack and Tobias Hantmann

Issue 1 and 3 are part of the St. Patrick's Zine Library collection.

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