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Issue #1, 1991

Schwarzmarkt (germ. for black market or underground economy) was a comic zine from Germany, co-edited by a collective of underground comic artists: Jan Hillen, Patrick Rieve, Thomas Zydek and Olio.

The first issue was published in 1991. Contributing artists included Jan Hillen, Thomas Zydek, Olio, Zero One, Patty (Patrick Rieve) and Steini. The A4 publication was xeroxed and had a simple homemade binding.

Issue #3 was published November 1992 with a cover by Jan Hillen. The publication presented comics on 72 pages. The Issue was offset printed. Contrebuting artists: Jan Hillen, Thomas Zydek, Patrick Rieve, K.-H. Hillen, St. Grigat and Frank Ziethen.

Issue #4 was published in September 1993. This issues presented 70 pages of comic with 12 contributions by Jan Hillen, Thomas Zydek, K.-H. Hillen, Frank Ziehten, St. Grigat and Patrick Rieve. The A4 publication was offset printed.

All issues are included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.

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