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Satan Wears a Bra was a Riot Grrrl zine created by Debby Wolfinsohn in Brooklyn, NY. It ran from 1992-1994 and 5 issues were created.

SWAB was created entirely by Ms. Wolfinsohn and contained fiction, non-fiction, comics, poetry, cut n paste collage, interviews and reviews of records and books. It is considered to be an essential part of the Riot Grrrl movement.

Spin Magazine (Nov. 1992) referred to it as "antagonistic." :) Kevin Dunn, in his book Global Punk, wrote: "With its roots in the zine culture, Riot Grrrl helped inspire a revolution in female writing and self-publishing. Zines like Girl Germs, Satan Wears a Bra, Girly Mag and Quit Whining became the primary form of communicating and archiving the history of the movement."


Issue #1: 1992. 100% poetry zine.

Issue #2: January 1993. Wisconsin Death Trip. Myra: Rampaging Waitress. Harvey Keitel. PJ Harvey. "Bikini Kill Backlash," written about Riot Grrrl and originally printed in Flipside Magazine in Dec. '92.

Issue #3: April 1993. Suburban Slumber Party Diaries. Neon Angel: the Cherie Curry Story. Times Square Street Life. Appreciative Fan Letter from Jim Goad. Dirty White Girl: Story of Maureen. The Waif: commentary on recent fashion trends. Henry Miller, Henry Rollins, Howard Stern, Lunachicks.

Issue #4: Summer Vacation Issue. Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. Diary of Double Zero, a short-lived NYC band. Dishwashing at Wong's Wok. Fastbacks. Coney Island Vacation Tips. WFMU. Artbabe. Answer Me!

Issue #5: TEXAS Issue. Final Issue. The Girl at the Bel-Air Motel. Gas, Food, Satan. The birth of the Speed Queens. I Saw The World Trade Center Burning. Brighton Beach. New York Bible Stories Live!


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Mentioned in/Quoted in:

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The Music Sound, by Nicolae Sfetcu

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In 1994, Wolfinsohn moved to Texas where she worked as a full-time journalist covering music and other subjects for the Austin American-Statesman. She went on to write and edit for film and television ("Gigantic" the TV series, "Nowhere" the film, "Friends Forever" the documentary, "High School Record" the film). Currently, she is writing a novel.

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