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Issue 4 1944
Cover art by Jack Weidenbeck

Sappho is a horror and science fiction poetry fanzine by Bill Watson and George Ebey.

Sappho was published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. in the 1940s. It was a 8 1/2 by 11" mimeographed fanzine with an airbrushed colour cover. Four issues were released, with issue #2 appearing in August 1943 and issue #4 in 1944. Sappho was distributed through Vanguard Amateur Press Association. Six issues were released; a seventh issue was put together but never published.

Contributors included Shirley Chapper, Roderick Christian, Corinne Ellsworth, Olivia Freeman, James Russell Gray, Arthur Kennedy, Fywert Kinge (pen name of Arthur Louis Joquel II), Jacques Malraux, Marilyn Marshall, Sandra Michel, and Graph Waldeyer.

Artwork was by John B. Michel (The International Observer of Science and Science Fiction) (cover #3), and Jack Wiedenbeck (Nova) (cover #4).

Issue #4 included The Odes of Horace, Book III Ode IX, translated by H. P. Lovecraft as "Theobald's Translation" (Theobald, or Lewis Theobald, was an often used pseudonym of Lovecraft's), and credited as "courtesy" R. H. Barlow (Leaves) and F. T. Laney (The Acolyte).

In 1944, George Ebey also published his own book of science fiction and fantasy poetry, called Star Stung. Bill Watson also published the fanzine Diablerie.