Sanitary and Ship

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Sanitary & Ship #1

Sanitary and Ship is a compzine published by Diatribe Media. It is named for a canal in Chicago, IL.

Issue #1

Published in February 2005


  1. Jump Rope Song by Grant Schreiber
  2. Mars Attacking by Aaron Cynic
  3. Car Dead at Age 11 by Andrew Mall
  4. Kids These Days by Kate Sandler
  5. Potty Dance by Rachel Slager
  6. Statement of the American Violence Coalition by Leonard Pierce
  7. Milk It by Brandon Wetherbee
  8. Chemical Castration for a More Tuneful Tomorrow by Emerson Dameron
  9. On Baby Bears and Hawks by Jeff Disler
  10. Excerpts from Random Life In Progress by Alicia Dorr
  11. Advertising Assault by Matt Vacant