Sanitary and Ship

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Sanitary and Ship is a compilation zine published by Diatribe Media. It is named for a canal in Chicago, IL.

Issue #1

Published in February 2005

Contents: 1. Jump Rope Song by Grant Schreiber; 2. Mars Attacking by Aaron Cynic; 3. Car Dead at Age 11 by Andrew Mall; 4. Kids These Days by Kate Sandler; 5. Potty Dance by Rachel Slager; 6. Statement of the American Violence Coalition by Leonard Pierce; 7. Milk It by Brandon Wetherbee; 8. Chemical Castration for a More Tuneful Tomorrow by Emerson Dameron; 9. On Baby Bears and Hawks by Jeff Disler; 10. Excerpts from Random Life In Progress by Alicia Dorr; 11. Advertising Assault by Matt Vacant