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Sandwich Skatezine is a skateboarding zine from Malaysia that was published from 1997-1998 (?) by Kuntai Crew. Kuntai Crew consisted of Pa'din, Fadzly and Lelixq. Pa'din is a house whole name and still one of the leading skateboarder from the country who represented in many competitions overseas as well as locals.

They have a strong propaganda against inline skaters. There were campaign against inline skaters along with drawings, comics and listings in each issue.

In that period of time, they managed to publish four issues. Each issues feature letter section, local and international skate news, skate scene, skate competitions and skate demo reports and skateboarding photos. It also features interviews with local and foreign skateboarders.

They used the tag line "Why Eat When You Can Keep".

Each issues also feature interview with hardcore or punk bands with skater members, skaters phone numbers and flyers from the hardcore punk scene.

The bands interviewed were

issue 1: Blindrage and No One's Perfect. issue 3: Disaster Funhouse. issue 4: Second Combat and Engage In Combat.

The crew went on to publish a glossy skate magazine called Revolution that was available at all news stands nationwide which marked the end of Sandwich Skatezine.