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*[ Sam McPheeters On-line]
*[ Sam McPheeters On-line]
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[[Category:Zinester|McPheeters, Sam]] [[Category:California Zinesters|McPheeters, Sam]] [[Category:Punk Zinesters|McPheeters, Sam]]

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Sam McPheeters (born 1969) is a musician, artist and zine editor.

Sam McPheeters was the singer for the American punk band Born Against. The band played a prominent part in the hardcore scene and released a number of recordings until they broke up in the early 1990's. In 1993, Sam started another band named Men's Recovery Project with ex-Born Against band mate Neil Burke which lasted until 2002. At the same time, Sam was working with another group, Wrangler Brutes. He also ran the independent label Vermiform Records. He has contributed to Migraine magazine in the past, but most recently he has contributed artwork for the band The Locust's recording releases.

Sam is the zinester behing the zines Error, which included Iggy Scam as one of its contributors, and Dear Jesus, a hardcore punk zine focussed on music and politics.

Sam now lives in Pomono, California.

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