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STF-ETTE was a science fiction fanzine by Pogo.

The name "Pogo' was the nickname for Mary Corrine 'Patty' Gray, the nickname an Esperanto diminuative for the initials P.G. Pogo was the niece of Myrtle Douglas, co-editor of Voice of the Imagi-Nation and Novacious, who was known as 'Morojo'. She was originally from Gila Bend, Arizona, but had moved to Los Angeles and become an early member of the LASFS.

In a LASFS member profile in the official organ, Imagination!, Pogo was described as, "Sensitive, moody, unsettled, yet with placid, calm demeanour; genuine. A person strangely settled in composure to be so unsettled in mind. An outward air of tranquillity; reserved and shy."

STF-ETTE was published in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in September 1940, and was 12 pages. The second issue was released in July 1941. Contributors included Mrytle Douglas, and Gertrude Kuslan, editor of The Nucleus, among others.