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'''SLANder''' was a science fiction fanzine by Jan Sadler Penney.  
'''SLANder''' was a science fiction fanzine by Jan Sadler Penney.  

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SLANder was a science fiction fanzine by Jan Sadler Penney.

The first issue of SLANder was published in the 1950s in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.

The second issue, published in New Orleans, Louisiana, appeared in September, 1957, and was 20 pages.

The third issue was released in 1958, and the fourth, and last, issue in 1960.

Don Walsh, Jr., writing for the 1997 Southern Fandom Confederate Handbook & History, relates the history of SLANder; "Jan Penney, neé Sadler, was from 1956 to 1961 the most active fan in Louisiana. She edited four issues of a successful fnz called SLANder which made top national trading lists, was the nucleus of a small but active fan group at Tulane University, was a friend of both Rosel G. Brown and Daniel F. Galouye, the two writers occupying the city at the time, and was in touch with all the very diverse and disassociated Louisiana fans of the day--Emile Greenleaf, now in Denver; Charles Bush, now in Japan; Harry Moore now in hiding in Argentina; and the nameless remnants of Moore's group which dated from Nolacon. She was a friend of Harlan Ellison and Ron Ellik, and correspondent of Bob Tucker, Dick Plotz and Larry Shaw."

Contributors included Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin).

Letters came from Robert Bloch, among others.

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