SF-Fant Verse!

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SF-Fant Verse! Issue 1 January 1978
Cover art by Louis Kim Hurlbut

SF-Fant Verse! was a science fiction poetry zine edited and published by Daniel L. Watson from Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.

The first issue appeared in January 1978 and contained poetry by Brad Cahoon, David L. Cuatt, J.W. Dancer, Elliot Downs, Fred Drew III, Don Fioto, Frederick J. Mayer, Clifford Meth, Ben Miller, Randy Moore, and Daniel L. Watson.

It also included nonfiction by Fioto, Wayne Hooks, Mayer, Moore, and Watson.

Front cover art was by Louis Kim Hurlbut. Interior illustrations were by Brad Cahoon, Cynthia Case, Bruce Conklin, John Cosgriff, Earl Geier, Frederick J. Mayer, Randy Moore, and John Yee.