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Run With Scissors is a zine published by StarlaBlue David Disaster from (HomeFree) Canada.

Founded in 2007 and written on the road, Run With Scissors is a perzine filled with stories, thoughts and feelings towards life and complete with drawings. Issues #1 and #2 have been reviewed in Razorcake and Maximum Rock N Roll.

Starla runs the distro project formerly known as Sharpie Fumes Collective which has shifted and changed over the years into a distro by the nameSecret People Distro Destroy . Starla was in a band called Despite All This and has a solo acoustic project, under the name [ Starla! Ubiquitous]. Starla also does workshops around mental health, herbalisim, womens health and consent. They also make various other zine and DIY projects including original art prints with screen printing, hand made reusable pads, bags and various other things.

Contact info

pleasantly_perplexed (at)

starla.disaster (at)

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