Rotortiller hausjunge

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Rotortiller hausjunge Issue One

Rotortiller hausjunge was a zine published by Martin Nesvig from California, U.S.A.

Released in the 1980's, Rotortiller hausjunge was a queer zine. Issue one featured appropriated images and short essays, including one on on sex, violence, philosophy and anarchy that was informed by a show by the band GWAR; erotic stories written by the editor; reviews of books such as Macho Sluts, by Pat Califia, Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black by Cookie Mueller; shows by bands like Butthole Surfers; recordings by Steelpole Bathtub and Clock DVA; and zines such as Butt Ugly, Punk Beat and Punk Pals.

The feature of issue two was a work of erotic fiction by the editor complimented by appropriated images and intersected by other writing, both typed and handwritten, that sometimes self reflexively comment on the other writing. This time the focus was on the merging of sexuality and sprituality. This issue is subtitled. "'Notebook of a Madman' dedicated to Nikolai Gogol".