Rory Faulkner

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Rory Faulkner was a science fiction fan and fanzine editor and contributor.

Dorothea M. Faulkner, known as "Rory", was based in Los Angeles, and a member of the LASFS.

In the fanzine No Award #8, Len Moffat writes of her, "When Dorothea M. Faulkner (aka "Grandma the Demon" when she wrote locs to the prozines, Rory Faulkner when she wrote poetry both serious and humorous, and 'Dottie' to her close friends) attended her first LASFS meeting we knew at once that she was Outlander (SF club) material. She was a little old grey-haired lady from Covina and the type of person we used to call a "pistol".

Rory began contributing to fanzines in the 1940s. She co-edited one issue of Shangri L'Affaires with Fred Hershey in 1951, but mainly contributed to a wide variety of fanzine in the U.S. and the UK. She attended the London convention "Lonconfidential" in 1957.