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A Zineography in chronological order:

12 issues of "The Rain That Fell Last Night Made Me Fall In Love With You" and a collection from those 12 issues called "Flowers From The Rain" under the name Robert Sutter III.

A one shot zine called "Lyrics To My Days"

A one shot zine called, "4 The $"

A one shot zine called "Midwest Rain"

A one shot mini called "Rain 2002".

Four issues of a split zine "Boy ~ Girl" with Shyla Ann.

A one shot zine about boat punks building shanty bopats and going down the Mississippi River called, "The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce" (2005)

Two Sex Positive, Queer, Science Fiction stories in, "The Sex Workers of Planet San Taurus" under the pen name Robot Earl

Longer works that are still zines because of their DIY production nature and small press run, but might also be called Books:

A novel, "Swallowed By The World" under the name Robert Sutter III (1995).

A novel, "The Fall Of America" under the name Robnoxious (1999).

An experimental novel/non-fiction, "Open Eyes Unlock Doors" under the name Robnoxious (2004).

A book of non-fiction works, " 3: Collected Works by Robnoxious " under the name Robnoxious (2008). (Credit for the photo on the back cover of "3" goes to Sarah Pantera, thanks!)

A post-punk, sex-positive, queer, anarchist, feminist, speculative fiction, sci-fi novel of forest destroying thickness (published in 4 seperate serials of 200 pages each) released every two month in the fall/winter of 2009, called "You Fucked Up" under the pen name Robert Rowboat. "You Fucked Up #1" was released at the Portland Zine Symposium 2009.