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== External Link ==
== External Link ==
[http://groups.google.com/group/alt.zines/browse_frm/thread/6e0b9115512a68bb/c062ad2216b4c6dd?lnk=st&q=%22kool+man%22+dupree&rnum=2#c062ad2216b4c6dd KOOL Man]]
[http://groups.google.com/group/alt.zines/browse_frm/thread/6e0b9115512a68bb/c062ad2216b4c6dd?lnk=st&q=%22kool+man%22+dupree&rnum=2#c062ad2216b4c6dd KOOL Man]

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Robert DuPree published the now-defunct zines Subliminal Tattoos and Rude. He is no longer active in self-publishing. His last listed address was in Vancouver, WA.

Subliminal Tattoos was a journal of comics and alternative culture. Rude was ostensibly the work of four bisexual teenagers living a "Christian hedonist" lifestyle together, but was eventually revealed to be the sole work of DuPree, who was, at the time, a father and husband in his 40s. At least two women struck up a correspondence with a Rude character and were encouraged to start a sexual relationship with DuPree.

In response to a 1995 feud over an intellectual property issue, Sean Tejaratchi (publisher of Craphound) mounted an investigation of DuPree, which revealed a pattern of deceptive behavior. In 1996, Tejaratchi published his findings in the one-shot KOOL Man, which featured input from comics artist R. Crumb and others who reported unpleasant dealings with DuPree.

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