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Roach Motel is a zine distro that was founded in early 2013 by local author/artist Kristin M. Roach by partnering with an Ames indie boutique called Where It's At. The distro specializes in Iowa authored and themed zines + slice of life, comic style, gardening, crafting, creativity, diy, homesteading, and animals. Though they admit to pretty much trying to sell anything you make. Their online store will be opening April 1st, 2013. They are currently looking for new zines to sell on consignment and wholesale.


Roach Motel
PO Box 1314
Ames, Iowa 50014

General: info AT


Where It's At
330 Main Street #20
Ames, Iowa 50010
Thurs 2-7, Fri 1-5, and Sat 10-5

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