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Rio Safari is a zine editor and artist.

Rio Safari began creating zines in the 2000s. He has done a variety of zines, including minicomics, travel zines and zines about sea creatures and 'Homobodies'.

One of his first zines was And the Space Between, a travel zine in comic form created in 2006 during travels to Morocco and Spain.

In 2007 he released the first issue of Weird Sea Creatures of the Sea, devoted to Narwhals. The second issue followed in 2008, devoted to Belugas.

Also in 2007 Rio Safari published the first issue of Homobodies a series of drawings dealing with queer men who would rather stay at home and read than go out to clubs every night. So far, five issues have been released, the last in 2009.

He has also released zines devoted to dinosaurs, including Dino Punx, Billy Wuzza Dinosaur and Jurassic-Era Reptiles on a Park: Dino Fuel. As well, he has issued a number of zines on other themes, including tow issues of Odd Ends, a collection of sketchbook comics, and a collaboration with Cathy Camper entitled Al-Habaab (The Beloved Ones). All his zines are published by his own Move! Dance! Create! Publishing.



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