Reverend Richard J. Mackin

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Reverend Richard J. Mackin (a/k/a Rich Mackin) creates zines as the "Consumer Defense Corporate Poet." Much of his work involves crank letters to corporations, usually with humorous and political undercurrents; these letters are compiled in his zine Book of Letters. His book Thank You For Your Continued Interest contains a selection of these letters and responses from corporations.

He is also known for the artistic, self-promotional cards that often accompany his zine.

Aside from his self-publishing, Mackin has contributed to several zines, including Razorcake.

Mackin is known for his flamboyant personality and for dressing as a pirate. There have been many charges of sexual assault against Mackin from the zine community. In the zine Baby I'm a Manarchist, two female writers accuse him of sexual assault. In his own zine Advice to Myself, Mackin responds to the allegations.

In the last four years, Rich's books, collecting his zines, have become vastly unpopular and he has instead focused on other types of writing and journalism in its place.

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