Reverend Richard J. Mackin

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Reverend Richard J. Mackin (a/k/a Rich Mackin) creates zines as the "Consumer Defense Corporate Poet." Much of his work involves crank letters to corporations, usually with humorous and political undercurrents; these letters are compiled in his zine Book of Letters. His book Thank You For Your Continued Interest contains a selection of these letters and responses from corporations.

He is also known for the artistic, self-promotional cards that often accompany his zine.

Aside from his self-publishing, Mackin contributes to several zines, including Razorcake.

Mackin is known for his flamboyant personality and for dressing as a pirate. In the zine Baby I'm a Manarchist, two female writers accuse him of sexual assault. In his own zine Advice to Myself, Mackin responds to the allegations.

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