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RELUCTANT SADIST was a digest-size alt comic book 'zine created by artist/writer Hal Weaver that was published on an irregular schedule from 1986 to 1989. There were eight issues printed including an "Omnibus edition" that collected the best work from the first three issues with additional material published in other 'zines. RELUCTANT SADIST typically featured weird, surreal and humorous artwork and stories mostly written and drawn by Hal Weaver, but there were a few outside contributors including Levy and Levi Rowland (artwork issue #2), John Verhulst (writing, issue #4), Brad Foster (writing/artwork, issue #5), and Michael Wingfield (writing, issue #7). Content of each issue is as follows;

Issue #1 - Four pages, all art and writing by Hal Weaver. Front Page, comic style poem "Gin". Page two, full page illustration, "Then they ripped him apart". Page three, full page illustration, "U-Haul". Back page, comic style poem "The World is a great ball of chaos and confusion...".

Issue #2 - Four pages. Front cover, full page illustration by Hal Weaver, "Metal Monster vs. the Uber Slug". Page two, full page illustration by Levy Rowland, "On the Road". Page three, full page illustration by Levi Rowland, "Alien Conquest". Back page, one page comic story by Hal Weaver called "Padded Cell Blues".

Issue #3 - Eight pages. Front cover, full page illustration by Hal Weaver, "War Torn Maniacs". Pages one through seven featured the first long-form story in comic by Hal Weaver called "Artistic Delusion"