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Relapse, edited by Peter Weston, was originally entitled Prolapse (a full history appears in the original entry).

The title changed with issue #13, published February 2009.

Relapse featured such writers as Chuck Connor (IDOMO), Rob Hansen (Pulp, Chuch), Bob Parkinson, Joe Patrizio (Ipso Facto), and Harry Turner (Zenith, Now & Then).

Art work was by Steve Jeffery, among others.

Photos are by Meryn Barrett, Bruce Burn, John Dalman, Keith Freeman, Rob Hansen, Rob Jackson, Leigh Kennedy, Joe Patrizio, and Wally Weber (Cry of the Nameless).

Letters came from Brian Aldiss, Mervyn Barrett, Sandra Bond (QuasiQuote), David Bratman, Bruce Burn, Randy Byers (Chunga), Steve Green, Kim Huett, Jim Linwood (Typo), Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo), Chris Priest, and Taral Wayne(DNQ).