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Red Letter Day is a mail art and correspondence zine written and produced by Jennie Hinchcliff. The first issue was published in the summer of 2005.

Each issue of Red Letter Day contains articles related to mail art, mail art exhibitions, and interviews with other mail artists from around the world. Usually, each issue of Red Letter Day revolves around a theme; artists submit artwork which is then featured in the zine. Each copy of the zine is bound by hand and often incorporates vintage ephemera or unusual “inclusions” (artistamps, printed matter, etc.). Initially, Red Letter Day was intended to be a quarterly zine; suffice to say, the size and scope of producing a 60+ page zine in an edition of 200 required a generous amount of time and energy. Taking a hiatus from RLD production in 2006, Jennie took time to co-author the book "Good Mail Day" (Quarry Books, 2009) with fellow zine maker Carolee Gilligan-Wheeler.

Since 2009, Red Letter Day has produced a variety of one shot zines. Subject matter often deals with mail art, correspondence, or fluxus. Titles include:

Waiting (in English and Japanese <p>Bench/Mark

Hello! My Name Is Mail Art

Flux(Us): A Love Story

In 2010, Red Letter Day launched the blog “Everyday Should Be a Red Letter Day”, which chronicles Jennie’s adventures in the world of mail art:

Zine Libraries and collections where Red Letter Day can be found: The Little MagaZine Collection, San Francisco Public Library San Diego State University West Coast Zine Collection Multnomah County Library Zine Collection

Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day participates in the following zine/artist book events: Tokyo Art Book Fair New York Art Book Fair San Francisco Zine Fest Alternative Press Expo (APE) Pacific Center for the Book’s Book Arts and Printer’s Fair