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Fith anniversary issue

Razorcake is the magazine arm of a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, CA (with its sister underground book publisher Gorsky Press as Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc.) which runs an online punk-culture website and prints a bi-monthly punk magazine. Featuring interviews, columns and reviews from the likes of Sean Carswell, Rev. Norb, Nardwuar, Todd Taylor and more. Since its 2001 inception, both mediums of this organization have grown to become a staple in the underground punk scene.

The magazine began as a means for the remaining staff and columnists to do something after the magazine they worked for, Flipside (fanzine), self-destructed from bad management and pending lawsuits.


  • RAZORCAKE is the first and only official non-profit music magazine in America primarily dedicated to supporting independent music culture.
  • RAZORCAKE, an independently owned and operated magazine based in Los Angeles that is internationally distributed, was founded in January, 2001 by former Flipside co-publisher, Todd Taylor, and Gorsky Press founder, Sean Carswell.
  • Unlike many other magazines, Razorcake is neck deep in the culture it’s covering. It’s a grassroots, DIY, in-the-underground magazine run by the very type of folks we hope to reach. We like fart jokes. We’re politically savvy without being douchebags about it. Our primary goal isn’t to sell kids to other kids, but to share in our knowledge of a powerful culture that often gets misrepresented.
  • RAZORCAKE’s philosophy is as simple as it is rare: cover, support, foster, and celebrate a vibrant independent artistic community that lives well below corporate media’s radar. Coverage includes some of the most in-depth interviews of the underground and features a staff of almost 100 writers, photographers, graphic designers, and comic book artists.
  • RAZORCAKE covers bands you may have heard of to more obscure bands that we’re excited about, and that’s the point: cut through the hype and showcase the best the underground has to offer. We do this magazine and website for our readership and take time to cover music that lasts, is vital, and is relevant. We’re covering tomorrow’s Black Flag, Replacements, and Minutemen today.
  • RAZORCAKE takes care of itself. We currently have a constantly growing fanbase, close to 1,000 subscribers worldwide, and operate an economically balanced and ethically fair publication. We are currently in the process of starting up a community center in our own neighborhood.
  • RAZORCAKE is a full-fledged 501(c)(3). What that means is that no one, individually, can make a direct profit from the money generated by Razorcake. Our job is to be cultural ambassadors. (We’re currently making the sashes.) All proceeds go back to keeping Razorcake strong and doing our part to make sure no one steals our culture from us, only to sell it back in a more diluted form.


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