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Raven is a zinester and distro owner currently residing in the South Florida area. She runs Avocado Tree Distro, & writes Panda Girl Zine. She likes cute letters, stationery, & Domo Kun.


Avocado Tree Distro - started in summer of 2006 and currently running.

Panda Girl - small independant store started in the summer of 2006, which features crocheted & handmade items.

Panda Girl Zine - zine written in September of 2006. About my first weeks of my sophomore year in highschool, & getting used to school & learning to love it.


To contact Raven:

snail mail PO Box 14154 / North Palm Beach, FL. / 33408 / USA

e-mail pandagirlzine@yahoo.com

External Links

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