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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://www.derekerdman.com/ R.JXP interview]
*[http://www.derekerdman.com/interviews/johnpiche.htm R.JXP interview]

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Mindy Fisher & R.JXP Allied Media Conference 2006

R. John Xerxes Piche began publishing zines in the winter of 1988. He is the co-founder of Love Bunni Press, which maintains that photocopied paper is an important and vital American artform. In 2004, Love Bunni Press branched out into publishing paperback books, the first title Blister Packs was met with a smattering of lukewarm praise.

A fierce proponent of the barter/trade ethos of underground publishing, Love Bunni Press gives away all the zines it publishes for free, postage or trade.

External Links