R'lyeh Rising

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R'lyeh Rising Issue Seven

R'lyeh Rising was a zine by Frank Burkhard from the bands Atrocious Madness, Funeral and Lebenden Toten.

R'lyeh Rising combined H. P. Lovecraft sci-fi/horror with obscure hardcore crust punk fandom. It was published out of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. throughout the mid 1990s to 2000. It was a cut and paste 'zine.

The zine featured interviews with bands such as Besthoven, Carcass, Decontrol, Hellkrushec Gloom, Neurose Urbana, Sewer Cider, Stracony, Unholy Grave, and Unit, plus scene reports from the UK and Belarus. Also featured was book reviews, sci-fi poetry, discussion of politics, and, according to one review, "even more content to place on your altar to H.P. Lovecraft (including illustrated interpretations and critiques on movies)."

Frank B. was interviewed in Hopewell zine in 2001. After publishing R'lyeh Rising he went on to do Warning Zine.

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