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Quitter is a zine by Trace, from Wilmington, North Carolina. Quitter is a work of creative non-fiction, taking snippets of Trace's life and tying them into larger themes of work, food politics, anti-civilization, anarchism, and other such things. Quitter is quarter page. Early print runs were photocopied while later runs were laser printed inside with screen printed covers.

A review of Quitter #3 from Underground Press (Zine World):

"Quitter #3: Through a series of images expanded into personal vignettes, Trace tells the story of a child becoming an adult in a world increasingly more complicated and disturbing. Simple counting becomes the foundation of a culture that treats everything like machines. Told from a dark and accusing 'we' POV, this seems to be a lament for the future of the human race. Pocket-sized, hand-cut with a heavy stock, silkscreened cover. Tastes like: smoke bomb."

There are currently three issues of Quitter, all released in 2005. Trace is currently working on Quitter #4.

Trace compiled and wrote for the zine pAwn in 2001/2002 and was editor of the online literary zine Wilmington Blues from 1999 to 2004.