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Quinapalus was a science fiction fanzine by Mark K. Digre.

Quinapalus was published in the 1970s and 1980s in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. Issue 1 was released in 1978, with #2 appeared in February 1979, #3 was released in April 1979, #5 in January 1981, #6 in December 1982, and #7, the last issue, in March 1988.

Quinapalus is a word used, according to bibliomania, "if any one quotes from an hypothetical author, he gives Quinapalus as his authority."

In Checkpoint #94, of February/March 1979, Peter Roberts called it a "...promising fannish fanzine".

Contributions of art work came from Larry Becker, Ken Fletcher (Rune), and Kathy Marschall.

Contributions of writing included Joyce Scrivner's DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) report.

M.K. Digre, with Eric Biever, were co-editors of Rune in the mid-1980s.