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Quantum was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine edited by Ric Bergman, Allen Curry, Marla Gold, Paula Gold, Art Metzger, and Mike Streff.

Quantum was first released in the mid 1970s in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

Contributors of writing included Mike Banks, Don Carter, Al Curry, Tanya Curry, M. Hendricks, George S. Howard, Rocky Karlage, John Kelly, Arthur Metzger on Robert nathan, , Robert Nathan, Basil Shroppford Sloane, and Steve Sneyd (Data Dump).

Poetry was by Reed Andrus.

Contributors of art work included Dan Braun, Grant Canfield, Ray Capella, Michael Devanneu, Gary Fowler, Jack Gold, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Tom Miller, Steve Oliff, John Rodak, Stephanie Schneider, James M. Shea, Jr., and Mike Streff.

Letters came from Robert Bloch, L. Sprague De Camp, Mike Glichsohn (Energumen), Ben Indick (Ibid), Wilum Pugmire, Darrell Schweitzer, and Harry Warner, Jr.