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Pulp is a British fanzine with a rotating editorship.

Editors have included Vince Clarke, Avedon Carol (Chuch), Rob Hansen (Chuch), John Harvey, and Pam Wells (Attitude). Nineteen issues were published between 1986 and 1991.

The first issue appeared in June 1986, featuring a cover by ATom, and was edited by Pam Wells.

Issue 2 was released in August 1986, and edited by Vince Clarke, also featuring an ATom cover.

Issue 3, from November 1986, was edited by Avedon Carol and Rob Hansen.

Issue 4, Spring 1987, was edited by Pam Wells; #5, Summer 1987, by Vince Clarke; #6, November 1987, by Avedon Carol and Rob Hansen; #7, February 1988, by John Harvey; #8, April 1988, by Vince Clarke; #9, July 1988, by Carol and Hansen; #10, September 1988, by John Harvey; #11, December 1988, by Vince Clarke; #12, March 1989, by Carol and Hansen; #13, May 1989, by John Harvey; #14, July 1989, by Vince Clarke; #15, September 1989, by Carol and Hansen; #16, March 1990, by John Harvey; #17 appeared July 1990; #18 in May 1991; and #19 in Summer 1991.

Contributors have included Mal Ashworth, Hazel Ashworth (Lip), Avedon Carol, Chuch Harris, John Harvey, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Izzard), Dave Hodson, Tom Weber, Pam Wells, and Walt Willis (Hyphen).

Regular columns included Ansible editor David Langford's "Jetbuff Ltd."

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