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[[Image:Psychtrope_copy.jpg‎|right|frame|'''Psychotrope''' Issue 6 Cover Art by Louis Wann]]
'''Psychotrope''' was a zine published by Mark Beech.  
'''Psychotrope''' was a zine published by Mark Beech.  

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File:Psychtrope copy.jpg
Psychotrope Issue 6 Cover Art by Louis Wann

Psychotrope was a zine published by Mark Beech.

Nine issues of Psychotrope were released between the years of 1994 to 2001. Subtitled "Tales of mad love, psychological horror and surrealism", this zine was devoted to weird fiction and artwork.

Contributors included Mark Ashton, Mark Astley, Cathy Buburuz, Alan Casey, Anthony Cawood, D. Ceder, Hertzan Chimera, Hugh Cook, Andy Cox, Wayne Edwards, Matthew Firth, Derek Fox, Kenneth Goldman, Jason Gould, J.C. Hartley, Rhys Hughes, Ian Hunter, Ceri Jordan, Roger Keen, Kirk S. King, Helen Kitson, Tim Lebbon, D.F. Lewis, John Light, Brian Edward Lindenberger, Mark McLaughlin, Tony Lee, Jane Omerod, Leighton Phillips, Paul Pinn, W.M. Shockley, Peter Jamieson Sinclair, Peter Tennant, Julie Travis, Gavin Williams, and Paul A. Woodward.

A special features was the collaboration in #8 between Keith Brook, Lawrence Dyer and D.F. Lewis for the story "Fruit of the Flotsam".

Covers were mainly reproductions of older work. Issue 2 featured a photograph by the surrealist Hans Bellmer. Another issue featured art work by Aubrey Beardsley.

Describing the cover of issue 6, the zine states, "The cover shows a detail of work by children's illustrator, cat lover and sometimes resident of Bethlem Mental Hospital, Louis Wann (1860-1939)".