Primordial Eye

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Primordial Eye
Issue #1, April 1988
Cover Art by Rodolfo A. Ferraresi

Primordial Eye was a zine of "atmospheric fiction, be it science fiction, fantasy, or horror," edited by Gary J. Robinson and published by Strange Sunken Island Productions out of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

The first and only issue appeared in April 1988.

It contained fiction by Dan Crawford, Chrisopher Cumo, Dana Hall, Gerard Houarner, Jim Mastro, Dawn Decker Melnyk, John B. Rosenman, and Ralph E. Vaughan; poetry by Dwight E. Humphries, Janet P. Reedman, Wayne Allen Sallee, and Ann K. Schwader; and an editorial, "Cthulhoid Karma Consciousness," by Robinson. Cover and interior artwork was by Rodolfo A. Ferraresi.