Pressed Between the Pages

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12 Pages | 1/2 Size | Bravest Lil Jenn Publishing
Cover artwork by Cristy Road

Pressed Between The Pages features a full-color cardstock cover and backing, black & white paper guts and a $1 price tag. Only 100 copies were ever printed, and those were printed by Bravest Lil Jenn Publishing.

The first perzine written by Alan Lastufka, Pressed Between the Pages contains stories about Alan's friends, ex-es, his first and only time performing on stage and (gasp!) a few poems. Lastufka writes in a stylized non-fiction fashion (meaning the pieces read like short stories, not a diary, but all pieces are based on real life events).

The cover was illustrated by Cristy Road (Green Zine, Indestructible book) and the stories inside were illustrated by Sage's (Eye Candy, Tattooed Memoirs, Marked For Life) daughter Emily (Birds), age 5.

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Catalog Info

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Issue #1

  • Author Lastufka, Alan
  • Publication Location Chicago, IL
  • Genre personal zine
  • Contact Info email: alan AT fallofautumn DOT com
  • Description see above description.
  • Subject Headings???
  • Keywords
    • poetry
    • romantic relationships
    • teenagers
    • performance
    • high school
    • zines
  • ZIN: 110.0