Pressed Between the Pages

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12 Pages | 1/2 Size | Bravest Lil Jenn Publishing
Cover artwork by Cristy Road

Pressed Between The Pages features a full-color cardstock cover and backing, black & white paper guts and a $1 price tag. Only 100 copies were ever printed, and those were printed by Bravest Lil Jenn Publishing.

The zine contains stories about Alan's friends, ex-es, his first and only time performing on stage and (gasp!) a few poems. Lastufka write in a stylized non-fiction fashion (meaning it reads like short stories, not a diary, but all pieces are based on real life events).

The cover was illustrated by Cristy Road (Green Zine, Indestructible book) and the stories inside were illustrated by Sage_AdderleySage]]'s (Eye Candy, Tattooed Memoirs, Marked For Life) daughter Emily (Birds), age 5.

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