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PrakalpanA LiteraturE

Prakalpana is a new form of literature and art composed of: P for Prose,Poetry,graPhics + R for for stoRy + Afor Art, chetAnAvyAs, essAy + K for Kinema + L for noveL, cuLture, pLay + N for soNg, as suggested by Vattacharja Chandan. The word prakalpana means proper imagination which is the fountain of all sorts of art and literature.

So at last a new form of literature and art named Prakalpana emerged out in the last half of the last century for the third millennium, (apart from the so long known forms of literature like the various kinds of poetry, story, essay, play, novel &c), which shapes up commixing prose + poetry + drama + essay + visuals like signs, symbols, photos and various artforms & platforms that the respective independent writer finds suitable to utilize beautifully, to beautize the different parts in a piece writing, shading all the cleche taboos, inhibitions and restrictive restrictures super imposed by the self styled literary and art pundits and tricky critricks of various medias.

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