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Potential Mode #1

Potential Mode is a zine published by Jeremy Scott Nichols of Paoli, Indiana, U.S.A.

The first issue debuted March 3, 2010. It is 24 pages (including covers), 5.5" x 8.5", black and white, and photocopied. Cover price is US $2.00.

Potential Mode is a collection of artistic projects, some ongoing and some self-contained, by Nichols. The projects include fiction, drawings and comics. The zine is entirely hand-written and drawn. The only electronic machine used in its creation is a photocopier for duplication.

Issue #1 contents:

Cover/Page 1: "Visitor in a Land of Stone"

Page 2: Author self-portrait, copyright information

Pages 3-7: "Red Glare" (part 1, comic serial)

Pages 8-10: "Heighton College Stories: A Place to Park" (short fiction)

Page 11: a sketch

Pages 12-13: a cartoon and "Tales of North Cumberland" (part 1, comic strip)

Page 14: a sketch of the author's brother, Daniel Nichols.

Pages 15-19: "Michael Steward Was A Good Man" (short fiction)

Page 20: sketches

Page 21: a poem

Pages 22-23: "Omnipotent Mandy" (part 1, comic serial)

Back cover/Page 24: "Cross-Hatching Variations"


Potential Mode can be ordered by contacting the author at potentialmode@live.com or through his page on Facebook.