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[[Image:PB_7_copy.jpg‎|right|frame|'''Potboiler'''<br/>Winter 1984<br/>Cover art by Earl Geier]]
[[Image:PB_7_copy.jpg‎|right|frame|'''Potboiler'''<br/>Winter 1983/1984<br/>Cover art by Earl Geier]]
'''Potboiler''' as a zine by Lari Davidson.   
'''Potboiler''' as a zine by Lari Davidson.   

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Winter 1983/1984
Cover art by Earl Geier

Potboiler as a zine by Lari Davidson.

Potboiler was published in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It featured writing, artwork, graphics, and comics. The first issue came out in July 1980. The last issue was a double issue 8/9, released in 1985.

Contributors of artwork included Brad Foster, Earl Geier, Allen Koszowski, Rudy Liskop, Randy Moore, Kurt Reichel.

Comics were by Earl Geier, and Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez.

Other contributors included Douglas J. Brown, Peter Cocking, Jerry Collins, Annette Crouch, Vaughn Fraser, Steve Frederick, Jeffrey Goddin, Stephan Gresham, David Heath, Jr., Jeffrey Jorna, Bruce V. Kalmins, Gary Kienberry, Jim Latimer, Myra Lee, Gary Magallon, Ted Nelson, Jovan Panich, Barbara Przeklasa (BCSFAzine), Charles Saunders (Dragonfields, Stardock (Canada)), David Sheskim, Colin Upton, and Billy Wolfenburger.

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