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Postmortem Remains started in the late 1990's . James Garvey and Fred Polizzi (jackson nyc) got together and started up this independently published zine to share with the world their creative efforts and the artistic works of others.

With two issues released, and the powers that be, the zine found a hole to hide itself in and hibernate for about 10 years until Jackson out of a drunken bar binge for probably the same amount of years and found some of his writings while working on another magazine he was working on at the time, My life as a... ...zine. At that point of time he was pulling out writings from the past to release two books of poetry naming them both after the fanzine that always stayed close to his heart. After a few emails he got in touch with James and asked if he was down to work on a new incarnation of Postmortem Remains, and once the answer was replied yes.... issues started coming out since march of 2007.

Postmortem Remains brings together a bit from the past, present, and hopefully the future, and always looking for artists to submit art, writings ( poetry, stories, ranting, etc.,.,)

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