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Positron was a zine by Sean Capote, published in various States of the U.S.A.

Released in the 1990's, Positron was a hardcore, vegan, straight edge zine when it first appeared. Editor Sean Capone writes about reinventing straight edge as anti-comsumerist. During the course of the zine's run, he also began writing about the dynamics of being queer in the hardcore scene.

Sean Capone, along with Jason, editor of Kill The Robot, and Scott, editor of Let Me Live, formed the queer, straight edge collective "homoXpos" during this time.

Positron issue two featured interviews with the bands Desiderata, Downcast, Worlds Collide, and zine editor and musician Sam McPheeters.

Positron issue three featured an interview with the band Spitboy.

Positron later featured Sean Capone's photos of live shows of hardcore bands.

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