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Started in June or July of 2005, Poet's Espresso is a zine/newsletter/free independent publication that takes contributions of poetry, art, photography, recipes, and other interesting bits of info or writing and puts them together in folded stapled sheets, until recently exclusively in black and white with occasional colored paper covers (the Oct.-Nov. 2008 and Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009 issues started to use full color on the cover sheet, the rest still in black and white).

It has faltered in being on time on many an occasion but is usually distributed every 2 months. The first issue was approximately 100 copies and just a few sheets, it has grown to the distribution of the Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009 issue of 8 folded sheets and 750 copies, in Stockton, California and surrounding areas, with some mailed to City Lights bookstore, all distributed for free. It is also available by subscription for approximately the cost of mailing it or else sometimes on zine trade or samples. At first it was funded by Donald R. Anderson, and his then co-editor Nikki Quismondo, with an occasional sponsor of a friend when in need, but recent years has been funded by the San Joaquin Delta College's club of the Writers' Guild, which is experiencing recent difficulties in funding it along with its other publication, Artifact, which is roughly twice the page size, page count, and distribution quantity.

Poet's Espresso Newsletter also has JPG and/or PDF versions of the issues posted online, sometimes showing color artwork and photography that was only in black and white in the print version, on the forums of a ning community forwarded to by the domain http://poetsespresso.com , maintained by the recently-solo editor, Donald R. Anderson.


For contacting the editor for questions, etc. see also http://rainflowers.org/contact.html