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The Planet Es Zine (1996-1998) began as the perzine for Los Angeles artist/writer/musician Carol Es as a device to get a growing list of friends off her back and prove she was too busy to spend time with anyone. It included art, poems, rants, and an on-going novella entitled, Murder. that was released a chapter at a time.

The 7-issue zine eventually featured poems, prose, essays, short stores, and articles by: Anonymous 1987, E. Blue, Steve Delavega, Kevin Dorian, Valerie Keith, Katina Petsas, Michael Phillips, James Scott, and Arnd Stockhausen, with occational film reviews and an ironic horoscope called, Your Zodiac, which was simultaneously published in the NoHo News under the name Ezmeralda Linus.

During the Planet Es lifespan, Carol met writer, Michael Phillips. They would later create the online Los Angeles alternative art magazine, picklebird (2000-2004), which is being relaunched in 2007.

Carol Es now keeps a blog called Carol's Bloggie about her life as an artist in Los Angeles, and sends out a seasonal subscription newsletter by email.

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