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Piltdownlad is a "personal narrative" zine published by Kelly Dessaint.

Piltdownlad began in 2010. Each issue has a subtitle based on a featured autobiographical story:

  1. The Güero Chingón Stories - Five short tales about growing up a whiteboy in East LA.
  2. Women Got Me Drinking - Adventures in the tourist trade, looking for love and drunken raging in the French Quarter.
  3. Junior Careers - Adventures of a teenage door-to-door salesman, trying to make a buck selling candy in the San Gabriel Valley.
  4. The Nasty Oh-Dear - The story of two brother from LA who move to Alabama and end up in foster care, plus a report from the 2012 LA Zine Fest, the impact of Dischord Records, notes on the papernet and zine reviews.
  5. The Detour Guide - More adventures in the tourist trade, doing business with the down and out in downtown LA's Skid Row, a cross-country travelogue, with letters, notes on the papernet and zine reviews.
  6. Institutionalized - Picks up where The Nasty Oh-Dear left off... from the foster home to the adolescent ward of Hillcrest Hospital, includes court documents, newspaper articles and other miscellany, plus letters and zine reviews.
  7. The Murky Realm - A biographical sketch of an improbable union.
  8. The Olympic Spirit and Other Stories - More tales of growing up in the Latino streets of the San Gabriel Valley.

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