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Pilcrow News is a web zine about the various interests that spin my world. You will find articles on music pertaining to newly released CDs as well as albums I may have missed dating as far back as the 1960s. The same approach is used for movie reviews and TV shows. The current issue is always updated at this link*.

Issue 9, released in October 2008, features 25 pages of music, films and TV view points. Read reflections of a scary holloween murder, original editorial cartoons and one of the most obvious spelling errors of all time. I like to express my 2¢ on politics, especially the controversial indecision over the first amendment on blogger rights. In this issue, which can be folded to double the page count to 50, I include my opinion of the steroid investigation in baseball. Remember the WGA strike? It wasn't that long ago and there's still a pending SAG strike that may affect the way people watch their entertainment. Don't get caught off guard. Read ¶ news! To share your zine by trade (optional), simply use this address to forward a hard copy:

1150 Cypress
L.A. Calif. 90065

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