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Pez nº3 Fanzine distros

Pez (Fish) is a thematic fanzine about communication devices that aims to reflect and analyze independent publishing and the means of personal expression related to other activities as zines, internet, badges, blogs, t-shirts, graffiti, photoblogs, mail art , brooches, podcast ...

The fanzine is done by Mon Magan, who previously edited fanzines such as El Virus Púrpur, and has the collaboration of a extense group of friends and zinesters.

Pez has editions in paper and pdf format, and the frequency of publication is about four months. The paper edition are obtained by subscription and by exchange with other zinesters. The digital edition is available to download free from the web in PDF format: monmagan.com / pez

You can find "Pez" in the Fanzinoteca Ambulant

Pez nº5 Cut and paste


  • correo@monmagan.com

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