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Peon was a science fiction fanzine by Charles Lee Riddle, published in Norwich, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Peon was a long-running fanzine of the 1950s and at least thirty issues were released. The fanzine featured an editorial by Riddle, and articles, fiction, poetry, and regular columns.

Cover artists included DEA, Les Chapman, and Ed Emshwiller.

Art work was contributed by Joe Bowman, Brian, Jerry Hopkins, AJ, Morton,

Written contributions came from Robert Bloch, Anthony Boucher, Alice Bullock, Bill Champion, Roy Cummings, Gerry de la Ree (Loki, Sun Spots), Isabelle E. Dinwiddle, Toby Duane, Eric Fennel, Jim Haden, Joe E. Hensley, David H. Keller, Alfred C. Lane, Ina T. Macauley, John Marim, Dave Mason, Carol McKinney, Art Rapp (Spacewarp), Larry Saunders, Robert Silverberg (Spaceship), Ken F. Slater, T.E. Watkins, and Everett Winne.

Columns were by Terry Carr (Lighthouse), Dick Clarkson, Jim Harmon, Hal Shapiro, T.E. Watkins, and fanzine reviews by John Ledyard.