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"Whisleworks" cover
"Whisleworks" cover

Ped Xing Comics is a long-running minicomics series by Androo Robinson of Portland, OR.

Ped Xing comics have enjoyed incredible success, both in and outside of the zine community. Both Factsheet Five and The Comics Journal have published positive reviews, and Androo was nominated three times for Ignatz awards.


  • Cryptozoa (7 issues)
  • Secret Mystery Love Shoes (4 issues)
  • Levity
  • Hey Ho Never Be Still
  • Dingobaby Funnies (2 issues)
  • The Falling Contest
  • Satan Scores a Babe
  • Mister Hessler's Journal
  • Kindness... a Romance
  • Brd St.
  • Jaywalk
  • Jug
  • Whistleworks
  • Bring
  • Sharpies and Shorties
  • Banjo Girls
  • South
  • Boy, Not Star
  • A Twenty-Four Hour Comic

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