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Paul Byron a Newcastle, NSW, Australia based writer and editor of numerous zines, member of Octapod and Director of the National Young Writers' Festival with Tom Cho in 2003.


  • Ventricle (1990s), five issues
  • Internal bleedings (1990s) three issues. A submission based zine with the premise that people were to send things [including anonymously] that were not written for publication, such as diary entries.
  • Starzine (2000's) six issues. Includes the 'Break Up' issue, mainly about a relationship break-up but also including an account of a job interview for the position of Editor with magazine 'Voiceworks'.
  • Delectable (c2001), a one-off collaborative zine with Kylie Purr, described by Byron as 'kind of our Newie [Newcastle] Pride zine'
  • Love, truth and honesty (c2003) a zine about Byron and Bananarama
  • Caution (2005) a zine with a small print-run between 20-30.