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Descriptionânga is an autonomous political zine published once every two months, starting with March 2010. The name basically means the leftist page.

This zine is in Romanian language and is distributed at underground concerts, public manifestations and at other such events.

Each issue of this zine focuses on a certain matter, and has different articles and interviews, on several topics, but centered around the main matter. Articles are both new and translated, with sources indicated clearly. Interviews are only new. As indicated in the contact box, everyone is free to contact the zine and submit articles or interviews for review, and some of them make it in the zine, depending if they fit the topic of the issue.


  • #1 (12 pages; MAR-APR 2010), about War (features: translated articles about the state of the post-soviet Russian Federation and war in Afghanistan and a Guantanamo Bay prison article signed by Mircea from MPTYzine; a free dialogue about army fundings; a comic about building bombs and anarchist attitudes towards the system, signed by Maria Bălan; an interview with Coercion! band's vocalist and guitarist Alex about term definitions; a necrologue for Carlo Giuliani)
  • #2 (20 pages; MAY-JUN 2010), about Marketing (features: an editorial; translated articles about Coca-Cola; a necrologue for Edgar Rene Aldana Ruano; a fun-fact box about "domestic uses of Coca-Cola"; an interview with Mircea from MPTYzine, about brands, marketing and attitude, and one with Anopsia Radio & Booking "head" Bianca, about her activities; an article about marketing and advertising strategies of manipulation and one about state campaigning versus independent campaigning, highlighting stencils and grafitti; a comic about how to buy the products you want, and not those you're offered, signed by Maria Bălan; a free dialogue about communities and alternative travel; poetry; a band review for Einstürzende Neubauten)


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