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Orion was a science fiction fanzine published in the 1950's in the UK.

The first 20 issues of Orion were published by Paul Enever, from December 1953 till 1958.

He then gave over the editorship to Ella Parker, who continued to publish it under the same name for several more years.

Contributors during this time included Sid Birchby, Sandra Hall, George Locke, and Bobby Wild. Ken Bulmer published regular installments of his "TAFF Tales" (TransAtlantic Fan Fund Tales). Arthur Thomson regularly supplied the highly regarded covers and illustrations.

Orion won the Skyrack Readers Fan Poll for Best British Fanzine for the year 1960. In 1961, it came in second, beaten by another of Parker's publications, The ATom Anthology.

Ella Parker ceased publication of Orion in 1962, after 29 issues had been published.